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How to Lower your Citroen Saxo, Citroen AX or Peugeot 106

The car in the guide is a Citroen Saxo, but you can also use this to lower you Citroen AX (or even a Peugeot 106) because they all share the same platform...


1: Disconnect the dampers from the suspension arm (on the left and right side)

2: Remove Torx T40 bolt.

3: Remove washer, and if your car is older than a few years, the chance that the torsion bar is stuck, is pretty big!. Spray a lot of WD40 on the torsion bar, multiple times!

4: Righthand side: Remove Torx bolt T40. For easy of removal, first loosen the brakeline with size 13, so you gain some more space (5)
Measure the distance from bottom of car to the marking on the suspension arm. Normally this will be 25cm.
Pull out the torsion bar with a M 8 bout of about 60 mm in length. You can use a washer and a piece of tube to easily remove the bar.
The torsion bar is out...and the left suspension arm has free movement! Person #2 hold the suspension arm on the desired height. (for 4cm lowring that will be 21cm!). The arm will be rotated about 2 theeth! Hit the torsion bar back... Be carefull not to kill the teeth of the torsion bar! Put the washer back, tighten the Torx T40 bolt, and fasten the damper again.

We are halfway there... Now lowering the right hand side. Before we can remove the Torx T40 bolt from the torsion bar, we first have to remove plate 6. Also remove the T40 bolt on the lefthandside of the car. Then we can pull the torsionbar out with a M8 bolt and a tube...

Measure the same distance between bottom of car and the marking on the suspension arm and put the torsion bar back. Connect everthing again.

The result...

Credits to this guide belongs to some one else... Found it somewhere on the internet, but can not remember where! If you know where it came from, drop me an E-mail!

If you want different (stiffer) suspension you can have a look at the following pictures. They are from a Citroen AX.



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