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Fireworks from your Alto!

And lovely burnout pictures! (time to start a seperate Burnout section I guess...)

Funny things you can do with your Suzuki Alto... If you have some old bended / worn steel! rims, take a look at the following pictures.

Put your car in highest gear, and step on the gas! Do not try to drive the car on public roads!

Click on the image for an animated gif... Very cool! (1Mb)

Click for Animated gif

Thanx go out to dBhr André for taking the pictures! They are lovely I must say!

Suzuki Alto Burnout

J.K. behind the wheel. Thx for the pictures...

Suzuki Alto burnout

Turn your Alto into a Fog machine...


And some fireworks from an old VW Fox:

VW Fox fireworks

Volkwagen Fox fireworks


Volkswagen Fox Fireworks

Here are some nice pictures of the Burning Rubber Club, tnx T. H.

Opel Corsa burnout

Opel Corsa Burnout

Peugeot 205 Rally E burnout

Peugeot 205 Rally E burnout

Peugeot 205 Rally E burnout

Peugeot 205 Rally E mega burnout

Peugeot 205 Rally E smoking


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