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WAP11 v2.6 Access point modifications

Increase your output power on the Linksys WAP11 v2.6

Warning this only applies to the Linksys WAP11 v2.6

WAP11 v2.6 PCB After taking the Linksys unit apart, this is what is left over.
WAP11 V2.6 Amplifier A closer look at the amplifier section.
WAP11 v2.6 RF5117 Amplifier You can clearly see the RF amplifier RF5117 from RF Micro Devices.
RF5117 Datasheet Specs

Maximum output power with Vcc 5 Volt is 5dBm higher than with a Vcc of 3.0 Volt. 27dBm equals 500mW. Gain will increase slightly (guessed increase is 2.3dB(1.7 times power)). Together with the software output hack you will get a lot more power. I do not have a RF output power meter... Who does?

WAP11 V2.6 RF5117 output power modification The modification actually consists of increasing the supply voltage to the RF ampifier to 5 Volt. To supply 5 Volt to the RF5117 you only need one piece of wire, and a soldering iron. Remove carefully (and keep!) the little SMD coil (the big one) on top left of amplifier section. Replace it in a standing position on its original left pad (arrowed, which is the one that goes to the RF5117. Solder a wire from the free end of the coil to the +5Volt supply.


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