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Voltage Modification WAP54G v1.0 - To improve stability

The Linksys WAP54G accesspoint was not as stable as I expected it to be... When the temperature was high in summer, the accesspoint "hanged" a couple of times.

Fixing is pretty easy and consist of increasing the voltage level from (about) 3.3Volt to somewhere around 3.65Volt by soldering one 270ohm resistor on the voltage regulator.

Stability is perfect now. Is has been up and running for 5 months now, and still works fine!

Warning: This modification is only tested in the WAP54G V1.0

Make sure you have a WAP54G v1.0. The 1.0 version does not state its level on the sticker on the bottom. It should look the same as this one!

WAP54G V1.0 PCB Layout

Make sure the PCB looks the same. If you have a v2.0 or later the PC is smaller and does not have the MiniPCI wirelesscard installed. You can have a look at the 2.0 PCB here.

WAP54G Voltage regulator LT1084S
The voltage regulator on the WAP54G is the L1084S. The output is adjustable. You can download the datasheet of the L1084S here. The R41 and R42 resistor are the voltage divider.
WAP54G Voltage modification
Solder the 270ohm resistor as shown in the picture. Close the box and enjoy your stable Linksys product!


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