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ExpertVision Geforce MX440 RGB filter removal


After aquiring a Dell P1110 21" monitor, the 1600x1200 and 2048x1536 resolution was not as crisp / sharp as the other, lower, resolutions. After seraching the internet a while I found that a lot of people have removed there output filters on the Red, Green and Blue signal lines. The pictured Gefore 4 also has had a voltage mod about two years ago. If I remember correctly the Geforce is now running on 1.93 Volts instead of 1.5V. I used to know, but can not remember it, and to lazy to measure it again.

After the filter modification the monitor is also in the high resolutions sharp as it should be. It sure is worth the time removing the filters!!!


XpertVision Geforce MX440 This is the card how I removed it from my PC, it is an XpertVision Geforce MX440.
XpertVision Geforce MX440 Bottom Bottomview of the same card
XpertVision Geforce MX440 - PCB ID The PCB ID , apparently manufactured in week 31 of 2003.
Filter modification already applied, I removed on each color line two L.C. filters, so 12 components in total.
XpertVision Geforce MX440 - Filters removed

I removed on lines going to pin 2 (Green): SC104, SL16, SL17, SC107

On pin 3 (Blue): SC115, SL18, SL19 and SC117

On pin 1 (Red): SC121, SL20, SL21 and SC123

I placed a small piece of tinned wire on the top pads and soldered them together. The signal flows without filtering from left to right.

XpertVision Geforce MX440 - Voltage mod

Here is a closup of the voltage regulator mod. The resistor is has the value 3k9. Overclocking the card is pretty easy... Add


to your registry, and start overclocking. The voltage is high enough to go to 410Mhz clock freq without stability problems! (with standard heatsink, but with casefan blowing over it.)