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Things you can do with a Heineken draught KEG (or in Dutch Tapvat)

Convert it into a nice DIY lamp!


Finished drinking your Heineken draught KEG tapvat? MMm, wondering what you should do with it? Build your own lamp!

Heineken Draught KEG Tapvat

Bore the centre section out with a 10 mm drill, this is just enough to put a normal 'bulb holder' in. The worst job is getting the wire from the bottom to the top, (or the other way around). Use normal (multicore) wire together with one 2.5qmm solid conductor. The solig wire is for aiming... Good luck!

Heineken KEG Draught lamp

Heineken KEG Draught lamp with lamp on

Put a 25 Watt softtone bulb in, and your Heineken KEG draught lamp is ready!