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How to rebuild a Borg Warner KKK K14 Turbo

It is damn easy!

Bought on for 20 euro. The compressor wheel has one blade slightly bend, shaftplay seems to be quite big. So time to take the turbo apart and see what is wrong. The only thing you can not do is balancing the turbo. Although: please have a look at:

The K14 turbo was build by KKK which is now called Borg Warner .

The label on the turbo says:


5314 970 7024

The revision set for this turbo has the number 5314 711 0010

Remember: turbine shaft has reverse thread!

KKK K14 assembled turbo This is how I received the turbo. First I wanted it to use it on my Suzuki Alto, but due to a miscalculation it was way to big for turbocharching a 800cc engine. Turbo came of a 1995 Citroen Xantia 1.9 Diesel.

After downloading the partslist of the melett website.
KKK K14 parts - disassembled

Taking the turbo apart is pretty straightforward, but you do need a Torx, size T25, to remove the intake housing from the bearing section.. It now looks almost the same as the picture above...

KKK K14 compressor wheel Didn't make a picture of the bended blade, but if you look on the top blade you can still see some degree of distortion. All the other blades seem to be in good order.
KKK K14 brearing housing cold side Start of rebuild: This is how the bearing housing looks like after all the components have been removed. The two inner bearinglocks are still in place.
KKK K14 Sleeve Bearing

Sleeve bearing, most of the times the inner side is more worn then the outside. Change the bearing if needed.

KKK K14 Bearing Housing - New bearing in place Apply clean engine oil to the new components, and lock the bearing with the clip.
KKK K14 Bearing Housing - Hot Side Same on the hot side...
KKK K14 Turbine Shaft & Wheel Clean the turbineshaft thoroughly, and again apply some clean engine oil. Replace the ring on the end of the shaft, next to the turbine wheel.
I really have no idea, how to call the following components... Clean them and apply clean engine oil.
KKK K14 Thrust Plate? The thrust plate?
No picture of it, but you also have to replace the seal ring in the center. You can gently push it out, apply new oil and seal ring, and press gently back. Fasten de 4 torx bolts.
KKK K14 Heatshield The hot side: put the heatshield back after decarbonising.
KKK K14 Compressor wheel mounted again After oiling, put the turbine back in the shaft, put the compressor wheel back on and fasten it gently.
KKK K14 Hot Side The hotside of the KKK turbo. I did some porting and polishing on the turbine entry. This will prevent carbon buildup and remain high gas speeds!
KKK K14 Polished Turbo Entry This is how the polished turbo entry looks like. You can see the casting number "3"
"sandwiching"it back together...
Put the turbine housing back with a new rubber O-ring, and reconnect the pressure tube to the actuator.
Yes, this is the turbo how I started with it. the turbo entry has not been polished yet.


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