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How to make a smoke machine from your car!

Drive 3 rounds around the block with cold wheather, and you are allowed to put your foglight on!

Citroen AX as smoke machine!

Things you need:

the cheapest oil you can find, sunflower oil works OK.

Windwasher hose positioned above throttle.

How to install it:


Open the hood

Flush all windwasherfluid, make sure it is empty

Take windwasherfluid hose off, on the end where it sprays.

Remove the air filter and position the windwasherhose JUST above the throttle. Fasten it with a tie wrap, to make sure it stays there.... Or cut a small hole in the plastic above the carburettor. Works best with down draft carburettors or SPI injection units!. Put airfilter back. The car shown in this guide is an Citroen AX.


Fill Windwasher with cheap (thin!) oil... Sunfloweroil works pretty good! By heating the oil it will become thinner, so if you are not sure if it is thin enough, just heat it up a little. Do not use use old motor oil, that is way to thick!

Start engine, rev it above 3000rpm, keep it there and try to wash your windscreen! Lots of fun!


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